Customer Testimonials

Here's a look at some of our clients, celebrating their awesome achievements.  And below, you'll find a selection of the written testimonials we've gratefully received from our clients over the years. 

  1. I have trained with Arun since September 2015. Arun quickly identified my strengths and my weak points. Arun has designed a training program that has made it possible to achieve my goals and consistently pushes me to prove to myself that I can exceed my expectations.
    Hassan Musse, Footballer, London
  2. Arun got me hooked on training, ever since the first session I ever did with him. I felt like I was in a Rocky movie or something. The training was fantastic, affordable, and best of all, I was seeing amazing results. Not just with my body, but with my fitness. I loved the variety, I trained with Arun for over 3 months. I never had a boring or repetitive session with him.
    Joe George Oforious, Designer, London
  3. I have been exercising for over 20 years. I was under the impression that I was pretty knowledgeable on exercise and nutrition. Whilst I was in the gym Arun Kumar approached me and gave me some advice on the way I was doing some of my training which I took on board. I regularly bumped into Arun in the gym and he continued advising me on better exercise routines, posture during exercise and how to get the best out of my training routine, considering the limited time I had. He also advised me on nutrition. I soon had a programme to work to and i could feel and see the result. It was amazing as I was getting better results in 45 mins of exercise that I was getting before doing an hour of exercise. I would have no hesitation in recommending Arun to anyone for whatever training goals and weight goals they have. You will be very happy with the visible results in a shorter timeframe.
    John Denwood, Manager, Berkshire
  4. Sono orgoglioso di dire che sono stato in grado di completare la mia prima gara di avventura questa stagione con un grande tempo grazie alla Strength & Fitness. Formazione online piano fatto una grande differenza nel mio rendimento. La conoscenza e consigli nutrizionali che ho imparato sono inestimabili. La cosa più importante, sono sempre motivato perché gli allenamenti sono sempre mutevoli e su misura per le mie esigenze specifiche. Merci!
    Miron Angela, Physio, Italy
  5. This is to state that Mr Hatinder Singh from Strength & fitness Training has been my trainer for Qi-gong for the past months. He is, in my opinion, an excellent trainer. I feel that I have greatly benefitted the Qi-gong sessions. Mr Singh ia an experienced trainer who takes great care in conducting the sessions. He is punctual and accommodating. He is gentle and is careful in ensuing that the exercise do not over-strain any muscle. He employs a very systematic approach.
    Dr. Saroj Pachauri, MD, PhD, DPH, New Delhi
  6. My name is Peter Dillane and I have been a student with Master Hitender Singh ( Strength & Fitness Training ) for 1 year. In that time he has instructed me in Shaolin Kung Fu and Sanda. As well as mastering the basic fighting forms I have see dramatic improvements in my physical abilities. I am fitter, stronger, more flexible and have significant more endurance. I now look on my weekly classes as essential to my physical and mental well being and would strongly recommend Master H. Singh for his knowledge and patient teaching style.
    Peter Dillane, Vice President And General Manager, Kerry Group, India