Strength & Fitness Training Services
Our four-step Movement Quality Pathway
Flexibility & mobility > Body Control Core > Body Control strength > Performance Enhancement

Benfits of personal training with us:-Guidance, Motivation, Attitude Adjustement, InjuryPrevention
Mobile Personal Treainer: One of the ways that Strength & fitness Training makes exercise convenient is by offering mobile personal training at a location of your choice. Our mobile personal trainers work across London with clients based in Inner London, West London, Slough, Hayes, Hounslow, Uxbridge, Reading , South East areas and World-wide.
Some people thrive on exercising outdoors in the fresh air so we regularly train at local parks, sporting grounds, even beaches. For other clients, training is more accessible and appealing in the privacy of their own home or office.
Some of the benefits of mobile personal training are:
You avoid crowded smelly gyms with someone else’s choice of music.
You can change where you train so you won’t get bored with the environment.
Your eyes will be opened to the exercise possibilities in any environment, making it easier for you to incorporate exercise into your life long-term.
Group Training: If you are looking for exercise that is fun and social while also being performance and goal orientated, Strength & Fitness Training’s group classes are for you! Our small groups, with a maximum of 10 people, ensure that we balance affordability with personal attention and a focus on your individual fitness goals. If you have a fitness goal and you want to achieve results, choose our group personal training classes to:
Help you reach a level of performance you have found hard to achieve alone.
Enjoy constructive time away from work and life stresses.
Be a part of a team with everyone motivating each other and working together to achieve more.
Make new friends who support your healthy choices.
Let our expert trainers help you choose between 10 differing classes to find the ideal training fit to achieve your goals.
Corporate Training: If you have great staff and you want to keep them, a corporate fitness programme is one of the ways you can achieve that. By retaining experienced staff and boosting their health and energy levels, you in turn keep your company healthy.
Strength & Fitness Training will come to your  workplace, or somewhere else convenient for you, and train your staff in group or 1-2-1 training – you choose! Our corporate fitness trainers will bring the equipment and their expertise; you just need to supply the participants. Our experience has shown that corporate fitness programmes:
Decrease absenteeism in the workforce.
Provide a healthy distraction from workplace issues, allowing employees to refocus.
Secure longevity in an older workforce.
Encourage co-workers to form cohesive bonds and function better as a team.

  1. Communities Fitness 
    Strength & Fitness Training provides a wide range of fitness classess in the Communities Centres and halls. Focusing on all ages and abilities, ensuring more people engage with health and fitness and most importantly have fun in a safe, social environment. 
  2. Pre-Wedding/special occasions
    If you are a bride, groom, mother-of-the-bride, bridesmaid or anyone who needs to get in shape quickly for a wedding, then this fitness program is perfect for you. In just 12 weeks you can reshape your body and look great on your wedding day.
  3. Kettlebell Workouts
    Kettlebells provide an intense cardio and strength training workout that together will give your body a toned and attractive silhouette. Kettlebell training works at many levels. For the fitness enthusiast, anybody that needs to drop a few pounds and just get healthier, or the advanced athlete who needs extreme strength, endurance and explosive power.
  4. Core Strength and Suspension Training
     Suspension training is a revolutionary method of leveraged  bodyweight exercise. The strength, balance and stability required to generate and control movement in a destabilised environment is unlike any other. Core stabilisation is required to maintain proper alignment and body position. This kind of full-body muscular engagement is even more apparent when performing some of the very demanding bodyweight exercise that can be done using suspension training.